NANAE KAWAHARA illustration SHOPへご来店ありがとうございます。こちらではイラストレーターとして活動しています私、河原奈苗が展示会やイベントで展示販売した作品やグッズ、ハンドメイドものを販売しております。





Welcome to NANAE KAWAHARA illustration SHOP!
This is webshop by me, Japanese illustrator Nanae Kawahara. I sell my works, items and hand-made goods here after I exhibit them at art events and my exhibition.

Shipping cost is depend on the each items and sent from the post office in Japan. After I check the payment, the item is going to be posted. Postoffice opens weekday, otherwise, it isn't available to post on Saturday and Sunday. If you order one on Friday, that will be posted on the next Monday. Also I normally work for illustration work so I prepare to post my goods when I have a time. Please allow me if the posting is delay (but I always try to be quickly). Make sure for the inconvenient.

If the payment is late:
via Bank - should be paid with 5 business day
via Convenience stores or Pay-easy - 5days after you order.
Please promise these ways, otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically. If it is cancelled, order from the starting again. And canceling of credit card is not acceptable. Because the management is by BASE which is the organizer of these shops. Please be careful and make sure about that.

I look forward to you would love to get my goods.
Many thanks!

Website: http://www.barbaratics.com/
Twitter / Instagram: @nanaekawahara
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/nanaekawahara